The Secret Inside Each Umbrella

Did You Know There's A Little Note Hidden In Every Cocktail Umbrella?

No fruity drink is complete without one of those colorful cocktail umbrellas. Spot one of those sticking out of the top of your beverage, and you know you’re about to have a great time. Even if you’re the type to order a cocktail with an umbrella in the middle of winter just to feel like you’re on island time, you probably didn’t know this fun fact about your favorite drink adornment. According to Travel + Leisure, each cocktail umbrella comes with a secret message tucked away in its top. Pretty crazy, right?
For the most part, cocktail umbrellas are produced in China, and in order to save on costs, the manufacturers use newspaper as their materials. The little white cap at the very top of each tiny umbrella actually contains a small piece of Chinese newspaper. If you’re feeling like a skeptic this morning, we understand, but testing it out yourself is easy. Next time you’re hanging out at the beach cabana or at your local tiki bar, simply pop off that top and unroll it. You’ll likely see Chinese characters.
Unfortunately, unless you know how to read Chinese, you won’t be able to know what your secret section of the newspaper says, but it’s still pretty cool. Plus, it’s an interesting conversation starter that’s sure to impress your fellow beach buddies.