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The Tiny Umbrella

Caribbean Blue Turquoise Hibiscus flower Cocktail Umbrella

Caribbean Blue Turquoise Hibiscus flower Cocktail Umbrella

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Welcome the Caribbean Turquoise Blue Hibiscus umbrella! 🌸

Our Tiny Umbrellas will be sure to add a little extra pizazz to your party! Why choose those traditional boring umbrellas when you can have this handmade cocktail umbrella with the most fabulous print. Great for garnishing your fun tiki drink, with fruit to help compliment the drink, or for serving with appetizers, fruit salad or cheese plates. Place on a cupcake or cake pop and impress your guests with something unique and new!

+Sold 20/bag
+Made of natural wood and thicker weight paper than traditional umbrellas.
+Place in tropical cocktail or drink of choice
+Perfect for birthdays, holidays, any fun occasion
+Diameter of umbrella 8.3cm

Handling Instructions:
Please push upward on the little rubber ring gently and slowly when opening the umbrella. These umbrellas were handmade and can tear easily.


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Customer Reviews

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Ren Provo
Party packs at the ready!

We love going to tiki bars with a bag of tiny umbrellas. The hibiscus series, especially the blue turquoise, add a different shade to most cocktail mugs in bars. Good looks for instagram snaps!